It’s pretty encouraging that society is finally recognising abusive behaviors and, in general, becoming less and less tolerant of it.

Bullying, domestic violence, and various forms of discrimination are being identified and challenged every day on the internet.  

On good days we feel progress is being made and the idea that all people have a right to be respected seems to be accepted more widely. 

But there are still certain pockets of resistance and certain areas of almost invisible prejudice like fat discrimination and sizeism for example. Sadly, there are still a lot of people who shame and mistreat those who do not fit the “beauty ideal” that is seen as perfect and healthy.

It doesn't matter how far we've come, somehow fat-shaming still remains socially acceptable. And it sucks. 

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Recently, Laura Delarato, a body activist and writer for Refinery29, created a photo and video project in order to address the misconceptions around "plus size women" and sex. You can watch the full video here.

We all know bigger women are not seen as sexy by the mainstream media, but this doesn’t reflect Laura’s reality: she is a curvy woman and she is proud and embracing of it, and thus wanted to show people that fat women can also be sexy. 

More and more women are starting to feel comfortable in their own skin and celebrating their bodies regardless of what society says.  

I just loved this video. It was honestly the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a while. In order to get rid of societal body negativity, we need to see more of these realistic representations. This is why we've taken up Laura's call to distribute it widely!

Please do the same.

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