January is notoriously the month to make New Year’s resolutions most of which are often forgotten by February. Together with ‘I need to lose weight and save more money’ – alcohol consumption also gets a bad reputation in the resolutions stake.  

According to The Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA) alcohol has played a significant role in how we socialise and relax. For those people who choose to drink, it really is all about moderation and adopting a responsible attitude to how we consume alcohol, which should top our resolutions list.

Here are some ways that you can enjoy your alcohol and still achieve your resolutions.

“I’m never drinking again”

This is often the most common complaint heard on 1 January after a night of over indulgence seeing in the New Year.  While resolutions swearing complete abstinence are seldom kept, promises to cut-down on drinking are achievable.  

Get a more accurate reflection of your drinking habits by keeping a drink diary and monitor what your alcohol consumption is like over a month.  You might find that you are in fact overindulging regularly in which case you may need to actively cut back.

“I have to lose weight”

As one of the most common resolutions, people often turn to fad diets, and supplements to help them lose the weight they might have picked up over the festive season. 

 "Sometimes people focus too much on the food that they feel is making them put on weight and not enough on the type of drinks they are consuming. Avoid drinks that are high in sugar such as cocktails and mixes like cola or energy drinks.  If weight loss is the goal but you still want to enjoy the odd glass, then get to know your drinks and rather reduce your alcohol calorie intake by drinking in moderation,” says Adrian Botha of ARA.

“I need more exercise”

With the hectic pace of life, chances are most people only find time to exercise on weekends - whether it is a walk around the park or a cycle through the neighbourhood. 

However, by overindulging in alcohol, people run the risk of missing out on exercise time because they are too hungover or tired from the night before. Rather stick to a reasonable limit of alcohol if you plan to exercise the following day. 

Keep in mind that alcohol dehydrates the body and you want to enjoy yourself while exercising.

“I’ve got to start saving money”

Similar to the drink diary illustrating the number of alcohol units you consume, also keep an eye on the amount you spend on alcohol within a month.

If you are planning to drink, you might find that you are spending more than necessary and can reduce your spend, simply by drinking in moderation. Rounds of expensive shooters may be the best way to blow your budget in a short space of time.  Rather weigh up what you enjoy and where you want to invest

For advice visit The Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use website here.