The doll icon has plans to create look-alike dolls of a few of the most celebrated young women such as Naomi Osaka, tennis legend and Yara Shahidi, actress, model and activist, among others who they're calling "sheroes".

Barbie has now been around for six decades, as one of the O.G of dolls.

A lot of young children had a Barbie at one stage in their lives, and if they didn't, they mostly wanted one no matter how controversial the doll continues to be.

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According to Bustle, Mattel made the announcement that they will be honouring a line up of over 20 different female role models from different continents who speak 13 different languages.

Among these sheroes are model Ashley Graham, actress Ava Duvernay, American sabre fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad and gymnast Laurie Hernandez as well as other phenomenal women.

They have also promised to donate more money to organisations whose aim is to create equality for girls across the world.

Naomi shared with PEOPLE magazine how honoured she is about getting her very own Barbie.

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“It’s a really big honour,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’ve played with Barbies when I was a kid, and I think it’s a bit of a surreal experience to have the opportunity to have a Barbie that looks like me.”

Barbie hopes that this initiative will help to close the "dream gap" that many young girls are struggling with. 

What is the Dream Gap?

According to the Barbie Dream Gap website, "starting at age 5, many girls begin to develop limiting self-beliefs... they stop believing their gender can do or be anything. This is the Dream Gap, and this is the year Barbie begins working to close it."

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"As the original girl empowerment brand, we’re proud to announce the Dream Gap Project, an ongoing global initiative that aims to give girls the resources and support they need to continue to believe that they can be anything." they wrote.

Barbie will be donating $1 (around R15) for every Barbie sale towards charity organisations that share similar interests in young girls and women empowerment.

Bustle reports that the Sheroes doll collection will unfortunately not be for sale to the public, but there will be other ranges such as 50 career dolls and the historical women series that people can purchase instead.

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