Katie Sturino is a Mega babe of note. Not only is she a well-established curvy fashion blogger for The 12ish Style, who loves to compare outfits with 'skinny' celebs and models, but she can now also add 'Beauty empire mogul' to her CV. She is the owner of beauty brand, Megababe. 

I ?? stripes, I ?? Reese and I love #SuperSizeTheLook ?? PS: I have been loving your #MakeMySize posts!!!!

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We first heard about Megababe last year, when the fun, quirky brand launched never-before-seen products, catering to things like underboob sweat and chafing thighs. 

Now this US-based brand is in higher demand than ever with its latest launch, Rosy Pits deodorant. The Cut reports that "The aluminum-, alcohol-, and baking soda–free stick smells heavenly, looks cute as hell, and casually managed to sell out in eight minutes after launching on JCrew.com (and again in under three minutes following a restock on Megababe’s own site.)"

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That must be some seriously effective deo. 

But exclusivity when it comes to fashion and beauty seems to be everyone's new ultra-lust. Is it even about the actual product, or more about what that product represents? 

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Small international brands like Réalisation Par has the internet pining after their limited stock, especially the below leopard printed satin skirt, while other sustainable brands like MaisonCléo only opens their online shop once a week for about half an hour before they close it again as they take such limited orders. 


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So, are we now craving exclusivity more in a time of Instagram FOMO?

Both wanting to stand out and blend in, 'It' products like Megababe deo again reaffirms the age-old notion that we want those things we can't have. Frustratingly so, we wait and save for those must-have items that will establish our uniqueness in a time of extreme comparability. 

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