When we think of it like food fasting, it doesn't exactly sound like the greatest idea in the world, but could this latest skin trend be the answer to all our perfect skin goals?

Skin fasting entails going a few (one to three) days without applying any products to your face to allow it to detox and breathe. This Japanese beauty hack supposedly strengthens the skin's natural protective layer which can become weakened by product overuse.

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Going product free allows for your skin cells to regenerate naturally and produce all those yummy oils that keeps your skin looking fresh and protected. 

“Japanese have studied the skin’s regeneration on a monthly basis and have proved that “skin fasting” will improve your skin’s condition and detoxify skin impurities,” says Koko Hayashi, Creator of Mirai Clinical Body Care

The moisture inside the skin becomes dehydrated because there’s not enough protection (natural oils) to keep the moisture inside. With too much added artificial moisturiser (cosmetics), the skin ceases to produce its own natural oils. This leads to even drier skin, said Hayashi.

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But what if you're a beauty product junkie like me and just can't seem to get yourself to stop applying products to your face?

Dermatologist, Doctor Nomphelo Gantsho, who is completely for skin fasting, suggests starting your skin fasting regime off slowly, by having only one day of skin fasting a week which you can gradually increase to three or four.

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"The skin has everything it needs to take care of itself. A skin detox allows the skin a fresh and clean start. The best way to support it is to keep it hydrated, use sun protection, don’t stress it. You can start by adding certain beauty foods to your daily diet i.e. blueberries, oats, beets and citrus fruits.

By cleansing the skin from impurities and harmful entities (i.e. free radicals and DNA damage), a detox stimulates a healthier environment for your skin, which can foster collagen and elastin development, boost your cell metabolism, increase cell turnover and improve the skin barrier.

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And if you're not quite ready to completely stop using products on your skin, Dr Nomphelo suggests you make use of more natural products to aid in your skin detoxing process.

"Popular skin care ingredients like clay mask, charcoal and vitamin C are all considered detoxifying agents that can draw out pore-clogging impurities, protect from free radical damage, and promote an overall healthy-looking complexion." she says.

Well there you have it folks.

Skin fasting, like food fasting can be very rewarding. Not only are you saving money by using less of that wallet-busting moisturiser, you also literally have to do nothing but allow your skin to breathe.

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