The morning I got married, I bumped my head. Immediately, an egg-shaped (and sized!) crater formed above my left temple – and I didn’t have a fringe or a veil to cover it up! 

That’s right, I walked down the aisle with a forehead bruise as my something blue. Over the years, the pressure to have a ‘perfect’ wedding day has become almost insurmountable. These ‘expectations’ have even been studied, proving that it’s gotten worse with each generation.

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The reality is that things do go wrong, and in the moment, you must go with it. Luckily, most of these brides took it in their stride.

"From the decor to my dress, from my photographer to my videographer, everything went off without a hitch,” says Cape Town entertainment writer, Bashiera Parker. 

Everything was okay until it wasn’t. “We shot a scene with my photographer, Najmie, and his team of video guys in the vineyard - with blue and red smoke grenades for effect,” she says. 

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Mere moments after the shoot, Bashiera had to walk down the aisle. But something went horribly wrong: the grenades ended up splashing a big purple stain across her sparkly, beautiful white dress!

Before the shoot, her mom even told her that everything seemed too perfect. Walking down the aisle, Bashiera held back the tears. Her makeup (at least) had to stay in tack, she thought. 

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“We laugh about it now,” says Bashiera, but her photographer friend, Najmie, still says it’s, "too soon.”

Luckily for Bashiera, she believes it was totally worth it for the shot.

Did your wedding live up to expectations? Tell us about it here.

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