Foschini has partnered with Mala Bryan, international model and creator of Malaville dolls as part of their #TheFutureisFemale campaign to produce an exclusive and limited edition Malaville doll, Imani. She will be sold in 20 Foschini stores across South Africa and online from mid August.

On her blog Mala says she is a personal doll collector and started the Malaville collection when she realised that there was a lack of representation in her own collection. Many little girls aren't used to seeing themselves represented when it comes to playtime with their favourite dolls, but Mala is changing the future by creating dolls of colour to inspire children to celebrate diversity.

"We live in a world where diversity in culture, race and color is celebrated, so why not translate that to children through playtime from an early age", she says.

This is the whole aim of #TheFutureisFemale campaign, to inspire more women to be bold enough to create their own future.

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The adorable sistahood crew currently consists of four fashionable African dolls – Maisha, Mala, Malina and Mhina – sporting a range of skin tones and rockin' their natural hair, and these Malanites will soon be seeing another sista beside them: Alexa, the artist.

These ladies all have creative careers and personalities of their own. Maisha is a fashion stylist and is described as fearless, Mala is a fashion designer that can create both beautiful clothing and whip up a tasty meal, Malina is the fashion model who is on her way to hosting her very own TV show, and Mhina is an interior designer who also enjoys hiking and browsing through antique shops. 

They are clearly livin' it up with their fruitful lifestyles. If they aren't on shoots they're soaking up the sun at the beach or having their hair braided. And their fashion sense is to die for!

More importantly, they have been inspiring so many young girls.

Mala's also been experimenting with different hairstyles, although these dolls aren't available for sale just yet.

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We're fully #teamMalaville and we're in a frenzy for these exceptional ranges and hope to see many more sistas being added to the collections in the future!

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