Back Friday is around the corner and some stores are starting even earlier than Friday 23rd November.

In order to make things easier for you, we thought we'd pull together all of our most helpful hacks to make sure that you have the best experience and get what you need from it. 

Don't feel pressurised to spend.

If your budget is staring you in the face, telling you, you can't afford it, wait for another time when you're in a better financial position.

If you've managed to save and are chomping at the bit to grab all your favourites, shop away.

1. You still have time to squirrel something away - only a few days, but these saving tips in this article may help

Five ways to save R3650 in time for Black Friday and if not for Black Friday, then for Christmas or a trip somewhere fabulous next year.

2. Create a wishlist - to avoid disappointment and confusion when the clock turns

10 top picks we've already got our hearts set on

3. Beware any scams - fraudsters know some shoppers may be desperate to get cheap deals - shop from reputable sites and read more on 

How to make sure you don't fall for that next cyber scam as we head to holiday season

Not us, right?

4. If you're a Black Friday virgin, take note 

Thinking about boarding the Black Friday sale train? Here's what you need to know to become an expert

Got any other tips we can share with others?Share them here.

Happy shopping everyone and please send us any funny, happy or horrific (hopefully not) stories that you come across in the next few days.

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