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I'm all about rooftop bars with beautiful views, good music and good vibes so I go to Yours Truly a lot!  

I like looking sexy when I go on a night out, so I usually go for a bodycon, jumpsuit or a bodysuit with a pencil skirt. Basically anything that will flaunt my favourite features. The shoes must be comfortable though, so I'm usually in block heels or cute slip-on sneakers. I wear the same natural makeup look everyday so when I go out I always try to put in a bit more effort and try look different.

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I love the glamorous party scene and the relaxed one, so it all depends on who I’m going with and the agenda for the evening. I can have a night out at Yours Truly or The Waiting Room or go to Coco, Goldbar, Chez Ntemba or Saint. It really all depends on the mood and the crowd. 

For the more chilled locations, I can bring out my street style game. A pair of mom jeans, a bodysuit, a cool vintage or denim jacket, a fanny pack and some sneakers or boots are more suited for that occasion. But when I go out to the nines, my wardrobe definitely adjusts. Now I’m talking fitted dresses, or some high-waisted jeans and a bodysuit but more dressed up, and usually with heels or thigh high boots and a wrist-strapped clutch.

It’s quite ironic but as a makeup artist, you’ll actually seldom find me with a full face! I love letting my skin breathe on most  so going out partying is definitely when I go all out. I wear full coverage complexion products, dramatic lashes, a glam eyeshadow look or maybe even a bold lip because when else can you wear it!

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I prefer lounges to clubs; Souk and Cubana are two of my favourite places and they play really good music.

I wear either a fitted dress or a pair of high waisted jeans and a sexy body suit. Heels always!

I like to do a little extra makeup for a night out. 


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I love a place with great music and a good vibe, HQ on a Friday night is amazing, a DJ and a saxophone player match made in music heaven.

On my night out I like to dress more ladylike, dresses and wide legged pants are always my go to paired with a killer pair of heels. I believe in 'the less make-up you wear the better' status quo. 



I usually go somewhere where a gal can get a glass of vino and a vibe. More than likely there will be live music and an exhibition of sorts involved. And more than likely that'll be on Station Drive or Florida Road.  

Durban can be pretty chilled in terms of getting dressed up for your average Friday night, so I try to find a balance of staying laid back and serving 'lewks'. More than likely I'll stick to a classic mom jean and black blouse combo, and then dress it up with statement earrings and bold ankle boots. If not, I'm there with the rest of the Durban brigade in a well-worn pair of Vans.  

I like to seize the opportunity to go a little hard(er) with my makeup where I can. But that being said, I don't wear a lot of makeup so that could simply mean adding a glitter lid or bright lip for the party. 


Fanny packs and thigh high boots are staples of her party wardrobe. 

Big hair don't care! ?? @ankul_kaylow

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We are absolutely in lust with this party dress and heels combo. The leather jacket is such a nice touch for a clever juxtaposition. 


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You will never find me in da clurrrb. I’m a dinner or drinks with friends kinda-gal. You’ll often find me discussing existentialism or Kim K (depending on the night) at a place with a view or an al fresco option like Marble, La Boqueria, Level Four Restaurant Champagne Bar, Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, etc.

Heels and a variation of anything black. My black going out threads often include something textured, leather, silk, tassels or faux fur are always in the mix. And I always accessorise with heavy metallics – gives a slight edge.

I don’t do power lips – I do power eyes. I’ve been playing a lot with colour lately: blue liners, red eye shadows and bright acid mascaras. Add a wintry glowing skin, with a natural flushed cheek and groomed brows… flawlessness initiated!  

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