Ever feel like twirling around for no particular reason?

We twirled as children, maybe in our tulle tiered ballet tutus, or even just in our bathing suits. It's fun, playful and joyous. But as adults we hardly twirl in our mini frocks, wrap dresses or shifts.

Is this just part of growing up, or did we forget about this subtle and pure pleasure? 

I recently spotted an Instagram clip where there was a) a twirl, b) a damn good dress, c) dope styling and d) joy involved. 

Those four ingredients surely call for a recipe of summer pudding so sweet, butter won't melt in its mouth.

Here is that moment...

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This made me think about the true power of the short dress. So versatile, it has chameleon-like abilities other items of clothing could only dream of. It can be playful, it can be sultry and sexy, powerful and strong, and it can be relaxed and comfy.

All styling dependent, all mood and attitude dependent. 

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I am loving the sporty way in which cute floral wrap dresses like the above are worn with sneakers. But I'm also crushing on more tailored dresses with big wooden buttons reminiscent of two-piece skirt-suits worn by working gals in the 80s. And cotton tshirt dresses with bad ass boots like knee-length socks or grunge Dr. Martens are also a-go!

Pretty pink dress with large buttons.
Stripes are always a good idea.
Go sporty, add some kicks.
Wrap dress.
Red wrap dress.
T-shirt dress with black boots.

Be bold, be ethereal meets grunge, be cute, be comfy. Be you.

Enjoy the subtle pleasure of a dress-twirl when no one is watching or capture it as a Boomerang in front of all your friends.

Twirls are imminent in these beauties...

Stripe bodycon dress

Stripe bodycon dress from Superbalist - R349

Swing dress

Swing dress from Me &B - R499 


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Dress shirt

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