Twitter user Mia Williamson’s friend El does not need to imagine.

Taking to Twitter to show off her friend's outfit transformation, Mia did not expect her post to blow up, reaching 213k likes and over twenty-thousand retweets.

In her tweet Mia explains that she and El had been two hours in at a horse racing event when someone spilt deep red wine on her white outfit.

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Read the original tweet below.

“So we’re 2 hours into the races and El comes and tells me someone has spilt red wine down her [...]"

Sparing no time looking for the best possible solution to a problem which would probably have resulted in any other person’s worst nightmare, the two came up with a bizarre but brilliant idea.

That is, to buy more wine and strategically pour it all over the once white jumpsuit.

While you’re probably thinking “oh hell no”, the end result was actually pretty awesome.

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The obviously stylish ladies decided to make the entire top half all pink (or some would call it salmon) using the wine. They then strategically poured the wine on the pants in order to have a “tie-dye” effect.

The result was surprisingly aesthetically appealing.

And what's more amazing is that all of this took place in the ladies room at the event.

All this said, we have to commend her friends for their support and creativity.

Naturally we also have to commend El for being brave enough to withstand more wine being poured all over her and for being positivethroughout the process.

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I mean her smile would never tell that her day was nearly ruined by a glass of wine.

How do you think you and your friend would have handled something like this happening to you?

Do you think you could also transform your messed up outfit into something totally wearable? Share your thoughts with me here.

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