How can you expect to have mind-blowing sex if you’re always doing it in the missionary, at home, at night, on your bed, with the TV on, the door closed, the curtains drawn, and sporting your old-faithful flannel PJs? Come. On.

Spice things up with a new position, be risqué and get outdoors, experiment with sex toys, try role play, dress up in lingerie... heck... the options - and variations – are endless!

Getting your shag on once, every other month is just criminal. Especially if you’re young and in a healthy and stable relationship.

The gurus reckon you should be having sex about four times a month. But, if you don’t have a libido issue and if your man isn’t suffering with an erectile dysfunction – and, if you follow our sex tips and libido boosting advice – then I would aim for double that amount.

We’ve highlighted the significance of openness and honesty, here, here and here. Now, let this be the last time we emphasise its importance.

Talk about your needs, wants and desires, and don’t simply condemn or criticise ideas that your partner puts forward.

Emotional connection: Do you share secrets? Exchange thoughts? Laugh together?

Physical connection: Do you still kiss? Touch? Hold hands?

It’s these small, yet meaningful things that couples tend to overlook, that could, ultimately, affect their libidos.


Just as variety can bring excitement to the bedroom, so too can erotica. Watch SNVLs together, visit adult shops, exchange sexy midday texts... Basically, go wild. It keeps your sexual appetites soaring!

Can you add to these tips? Share your sex secrets below.

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