Earlier in the week, we ran a gallery about celebs that’ve appeared in public with unshaven armpits.

But, as a member of the endangered species of ‘women with unshaved armpits’, I felt honour-bound to distance myself from the “Eeuw Brigade” on Twitter.

It wasn’t long before the feisty @Mal_Strom (dudes, if you’re not on Twitter, promise me to at least TRY it. Sure it’s weird at the beginning and very different from Facebook, but that’s the point) called me on it by asking: Why, as the editor of Women24, do I condone this women-with-hairy-armpit shaming?

Dear readers, she has a point.

As a woman who doesn’t shave her armpits, legs, or pink bits, I know what it’s like to be thought odd at best, and vile at worst, purely because I disdain the socially enforced and financially ruinous practice of shaving your God-given, natural body hair.

Now don’t get me wrong: I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with women who do. And if I weren’t of the light orange variety I might feel very different about this matter.

What irks me though is that choice has been taken away from us to a large degree. Seriously, sometimes when people (and oddly, mostly women) see the hair under my arms or on my legs they look at me as if I’ve just kicked a small mammal in the face.

And don’t even get me started on the Pube Police!         

Surely it should be a personal decision to wax or shave? Surely the fact that I leave my body (which is always clean and mostly neat) in its natural state shouldn’t OFFEND people?

Perhaps I’m living in a dream world – heaven knows I often do – but I think us humans should have autonomy over the grooming practices of these vessels we live in.

Unless it comes to a unibrow! You need to pluck that shit.

Please feel free to disagree with me – at Women24 the only thing we love more than eating humble pie is to be proven wrong.