1. We copied our moms' style from back in the day - here are the results

Of course, the nineties are back! Wearing styles from the 80s and 90s have gone mainstream, and since Mother's Day is looming, we opted for a fun fashion challenge - dressing like our mom did back in the day.

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2. 11 movie moms that remind us how much we love our real life ones

A message to all the women in our lives who take care of us - "You're doing amazing sweetie". Mother's day is the perfect opportunity to say thank you and breathe a sigh of relief they are nothing like these worst movie moms.

AND the biggest controversy of the week! 

3. Massive backlash on social media over Checkers Mother's Day display

Twitter and Facebook users are blasting Checkers after a picture was shared by a customer showing an in store Mother's Day display. 

The picture circulating on social media shows a the store's 'Gifts to WOW MOM' display stocked with, wait for it, cleaning supplies.

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And something fun to watch: