Reality is that you can’t prevent two people from falling in love. But what if it happens with that colleague in your office? Relationship and career experts advise that you maintain your professionalism and not make your co-workers feel uncomfortable.

Here’s what you can do should you find yourself falling for someone:

1. First check your company’s rules and regulations regarding an office romance. If it’s strictly prohibited, you could lose your job. Is it really worth it?

2. The stolen kisses, being intimate and or flirting with one another should be limited to outside the office.

3. Always respect each other’s space and don’t constantly check up on one another. Also, if you were both independently successful before you began dating, there’s no reason why you can’t continue the same way even now.

4. Separate your relationship and work. Communicate clearly about how you should conduct yourselves when at work. Do you want to be open about your relationship or to keep a professional distance to avoid being the office gossip?

5. If you have disagreements at home, make sure they don’t affect your work or your colleagues. Keep those at home and don’t bring them to the office.