Chalk paint manufacturer Tjhoko Paint has something new in its arsenal: a range of wallpaper that even the greenest rookie can apply.

This range will turn those lacklustre spaces in your home into showstoppers. All you need to do is cut and paste! Tjhoko Paint expert Nadine Vosloo shows you how...

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You will need:

• Tjhoko wallpaper (each roll is 11.8m long and 62cm wide)

• try square

• pencil

• spirit level

• carpet knife

• lacquer thinners

• mutton cloth

• 50mm paintbrush

• 110mm sponge roller

Here's how...

Tjhoko wallpaper is self-adhesive; simply pull off a narrow strip of the backing paper, fold over and press flat.

Now press the sticky part flat against the wall along your starting line (see tips), and press down firmly. Slowly pull the backing paper off in small sections, then press the paper smooth against the wall as you go along.

We used wallpaper with noughts and crosses. When you start with a new roll in this design, make sure the noughts follow each other and that there aren’t two noughts or two crosses next to each other.

  • Your wall surface must be smooth.
  • Always start with a straight horizontal line (use a spirit level), as ceilings are often skew.
  • Apply a new strip right next to the previous strip to avoid gaps in-between. Mask mistakes by first painting your wall with matte PVA in the same colour as the wallpaper’s background (allow two weeks for the paint to dry first).
  • If you apply the wallpaper and it’s skew, carefully pull it off and reposition it.

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