We love how unique your hair journey has been because you’re always trying different styles. Why do you love wigs?

The people closest to me know that I love absolutely everything to do with hair and beauty. I feel like wigs are accessories, so I plan my outfits around them. I love breaking boundaries when it comes to my beauty and fashion looks. I’ve been wearing wigs for ages now – I get a thrill from chopping and changing as I please. I enjoy the freedom that comes with wearing wigs because I can be a ‘new Enhle’ every day.

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How did your collaboration with Labello Beauty come about?

I first read about Labello Beauty online, and fell in love with their hair. I reached out to them, and expressed my intention to buy shares in the company. They were very open to that idea.

I loved that their hair is synthetic, yet the quality is amazing. I also appreciate that you can use intense heat on the hair without altering its quality. I remember when I was starting out in the industry and needed affordable hair – I struggled to find good synthetic wigs that didn’t get dull or damaged quickly.

When Labello Beauty hair frizzes, I can wash it with warm water and blow dry or straighten it easily. The prices range between R320 to R1 200. I wanted to provide a wig option that’s affordable but still looks great.

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Please tell us more about Labello Beauty and what the brand stands for?

Labello Beauty is a beauty brand that seeks to make women feel beautiful on a budget, without looking cheap. It’s for a woman who can’t – or doesn’t – want to splurge on expensive human hair, but still wants quality hair that’s easy to maintain.

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Which wig style is your favourite, currently?

I never have a favourite wig (chuckles). I love to play around when it comes to hair. Over the years, I’ve experimented with different colours, from grey to a dusty pink. I like grey because it complements my skin tone very well. Today, I felt like wearing my jerry curl wig.

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What's your go-to tip for maintaining wigs?

My biggest tip is to keep wigs clean. There is nothing as uncomfortable as a dirty or smelly wig. Ladies, please wash your wigs regularly, and do it for your general health and comfort.

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How do we get our hands on a Labello X Enhle Mbali wig?

Go to my Instagram page: @enhlembali_ and click the link in my bio, which will lead you to my new Labello Beauty hair range so you can shop away!