Every woman has something to complain about. If it’s not cellulite or wide hips, then it’s a flabby tummy or a small bust that has them in a tizz.

But, when a woman loves herself and is comfortable in her own skin, it shows.

“Confidence and self-love exude when a woman looks after herself and instead of seeing all her flaws, people only notice her beauty.  Keeping yourself well-groomed is the key to both looking and feeling great in your own body,” says Danelle Milward, of Captive8, a fashion house catering for women’s plus size clothing.

Milward provides these tips on how to stay well-groomed:

Make your hair work for you by getting a cut that not only flatters your face shape, but also keeps your head in proportion to your body. If your hair is too long then it will appear that it is dragging you down, while a style that is too short may make your head look smaller than the rest of your body.

If it is just right then your hair style will be another beautiful feature.

For an even more striking appearance, dye your hair a shade or two lighter or darker, especially if you have mousy-coloured hair.  But first determine whether your skin tone requires warm or cool shades before choosing your colour.The right hair colour will do wonders for your appearance!

Take the time to apply makeup as it will present a well groomed image.  However, avoid anything dramatic or too overdone and opt for more natural colours. With the help of a consultant or book, find out how to use makeup to highlight your best features and contour your face. Correctly applied, makeup can ensure that yours is the beautiful face people remember!

The key to dressing well is to understand your body shape and dress in styles that accentuate your positive areas and underplay those aspects you want to hide.

Low-rounded or v-necklines will elongate your face shape and draw attention to your chest, while high necklines will make your face appear round and could add weight to your bust. 

Make sure your tops hug you on the smallest part of your torso. If you have an hour-glass body shape this will be your slim waist line and you can use belts to draw attention to this area. If you have a fuller stomach, then your tops need to hug you on your ribcage, as this will highlight your smallest area of your torso and ensure that the top flows over your stomach.

In the same way, your sleeves, skirts, trousers and shorts need to end at the smallest part of your arm or leg as the eye is drawn to the end of the fabric and by cutting you at your smallest part, you will appear slimmer. For the majority of women, this is their wrists, elbows, knees and ankles.

A common mistake that women make is to not balance their top half with their bottom half. If you carry your weight on top, wear wide or boot-leg trousers or a skirt that has a flare. 

Wearing a very tailored bottom, like skinny jeans, will make you appear top-heavy or accentuate your hips. However, if you have a small torso and hips, tailored trousers or pencil skirts will make you appear slim.

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