Here is your forecast for 2020: Click on your star sign


Skating on the surface won`t cut it for 2020.

The key words for this year are transformation and depth. You have got to sink deeper into the book of life and really work through the tricky bits even if they seem monotonous and boring at times. It is the consistency and hard work that will help you push through to the other side. 

The tension in early January may push you to make a few shifts and big decisions that can transform the energy of the rest of the year as you work through some deep and possibly challenging matters. This could be linked to: power struggles, financial matters, joint investments, legal battles, family money that needs to be sorted out, debt, fines or loans.

In terms of finances, it can be beneficial to consolidate your accounts to work better for you. Let go of the frills and extras. Ask for support and you may just get the bursary, loan, reward or financial backing from a significant figure of authority. Don't be afraid to broaden your circle of support because the financial backer or significant funder may come from a foreign country.

Between April and July you may get a short course, trip or teaching position that can open up to a more permanent position or opportunity to expand your horizons from 2021. 

Relationships may get tested  through finding the balance of power and sharing resources. You may find yourself in a long distant relationship for a short space of time that will also test the strength of the relationship.

Early June can be a demanding time where you may need to re-evaluate your core value system and really dig deep in the self worth and trust area of your business or personal partnerships. The positive side of this intense year is that there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel and December 2020 offers you some rewarding opportunities that can help to uplift and expand your life in inspiring and exciting ways. 

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