You will need

  • pallet
  • Woodoc Colours in Inky Blue and Opal
  • Woodoc Water-Borne DECK
  • Woodoc Gel Stain in Ebony
  • artist paintbrushes
  • paintbrush
  • 2 small bowls
  • claw hammer
  • nails
  • 4 x polypropylene rubble bags
  • staple gun
  • potting soil
  • plants

Get started ...

1. Remove some of the planks from the top side of your pallet. All pallets are different; here’s how we decided which ones to remove: we kept two intact and removed the third one and then repeated this, leaving one left over.

2. Using nails, attach the planks you removed in step 1 at the back of the pallet, opposite the planks at the front, so that it forms a “container”.

3. Cut the rubble bags to fit between the double planks to create the pockets for your plants. Staple them in place.

4. Using the Woodoc Gel Stain, paint scallops on the front of the planks. We made our pattern denser at the bottom of the pallet. Let it dry for 4 hours.

5. In two separate bowls, mix about 100ml of Water-Borne DECK with the Colours Opal and Inky Blue. Use these to colour in the rows of scallops you made in step 4. Let it dry for an hour and then paint the entire pallet with two coats of clear Water-Borne DECK to seal it.

6. Fill the pockets with potting soil and plant your greenery. We used two butcher’s hooks to hang our vertical garden on a Vibracrete wall.