You will need

* 4 x 1L Woodoc Water-Borne Floor clear matt sealant

* 4 x 20ml Woodoc Stain (one in each of the following colours: Oak, Teak, Imbuia and Ebony)

* Good quality paintbrush

Here’s how…

1. Sand the chest of drawers (we got this one from Wispen Interiors) to get rid of any previous paint or varnish. Remove the drawers from the frame and then remove the handles.

2. Combine each of the 20ml bottles of Woodoc Colours with 1L Woodoc Water-Borne Floor and mix well (1 bottle Colours: 1L sealant).

3. Seal the frame of the chest of drawers with three coats of the Ebony mix, letting the sealant dry between coats.

4. Seal each of the drawer fronts with three coats of Colours – use a different colour for each drawer.

5. Replace the handles and put the drawers back in the frame.

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By Shelly Bergh • Photographs Francois Oberholster • Editing Shané Barnard • Music • Chest of drawers from Wispen Interiors